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New MIRA study report: Blueprint for a System Dynamics Model for Flanders

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New MIRA study report: The Index for Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW) for Flanders 1990-2013

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link to 3D cover Climate Report 2015
MIRA Topic Report

'To what extent is climate change already visible in Flanders and Belgium?'’ and ‘What are the expectations for the future?’, these are the central questions in the MIRA Climate Report 2015. This report contains also new indicators for drought and the urban heat island effect. Furthermore attention is paid to the potential effects of climate change for public health and water management. Finally, this report dwells on the threat of tipping points in our climate system, and on how to deal with the uncertainties.

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MIRA Indicator Report 2012

The MIRA Indicator Report 2012 contains a selection of facts & figures about the environment in Flanders.

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Future Outlook Report 2014: Megatrends

The report 'Megatrends: far-reaching, but also out of reach? How do megatrends influence the environment in Flanders?' describes the potential impact of the global megatrends on the environment in Flanders and provides a number of approaches how society and policy-making may adequately deal with them.

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