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Facts & Figures

MIRA offers a concise but complete overview of the state of the environment in Flanders using environmental indicators. An indicator indicates, signals, refers to and/or informs about activities, situations and phenomena. A good environmental indicator is policy-relevant, scientifically based and measurable.

The indicators are the result of a multitude of supporting measurements, calculations and research by various institutions and organisations. The figures accompanying the indicators therefore also state the source of the data.

Core set environmental data

More detailed environmental data are available via the 'Dynamic core set' tool. This interactive webtool enables users to request various environmental data 'à la carte'. The figures are available as totals for Flanders but also at sector, subsector and activity level. Additional subdivisions for various specifications are possible, if relevant (e.g. energetic and non-energetic CO2 emissions), data for intermediate years are available, if applicable there is a choice of different units ...
It is also possible to directly generate relevant summations in the right units (e.g. total acidifying emissions in acid equivalents with a subdivision into NH3, NOx and SO2 emissions). From the requested data the user can quickly and easily generate a table or a graphic. Moreover, it is possible to download the data in Excel format and save the graphics directly as JPG or PNG files. In this way we want to further improve the accessibility and usability of environmental data.
Information about the classification of sectors.

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