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Our RSS feeds keep you up-to-date of the latest online reports. Discover here how you can easily and free of charge subscribe to the service. You will receive the reports as soon as they are published on our website.

What are RSS-Feeds? 

RSS stands for 'Rich Site Summary'. A feed contains certain information that is displayed in XLM format on our website. This allows other programs or websites to read and process our reports.

How to use RSS?

RSS feeds are read by an RSS reader. This is basic software that can be installed on a computer or that is already embedded in some browsers. At the bottom of this page select the desired RSS feed and add it to the RSS reader. More information about RSS feeds on  Wikipedia.

Where can I find an RSS reader?

Many free RSS readers can be found on the Internet, e.g. RssReader, FeedReader, SharpReader ...

Our RSS feeds

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